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Sermon for July 20, 2014
Genesis 28:10-19a

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God is trying to do away with earthly values in favor of 
Kingdom values

Do we look back only to see what we are fleeing from?
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Sermon for June 22, 2014
  During the liturgical seasons (Advent through Easter), what we hear on Sundays will most likely be what is heard at Bethany, Newman, Calvary Lutheran and, often, St. Anne. 

Christianity, through Paul, often asserts that we are heirs of the kingdom through adoption
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Sermon for June 29, 2014
We are told right from the start that "God tested Abraham," but we aren't told why.  Why did God find it necessary to test Abraham? 

There are no easy answers.  Living faithfully with God can be challenging and difficult
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Sermon for July 7, 2014
Genesis 24

Abraham makes his servant take an oath that he will not get a Canaanite woman, that he will get a woman from the homeland, and that he will not take Isaac back to meet the family. 

Faith, hope and love.  If we remain steady in those, we will see the steadfast love and faithfulness of God; and then we will be able to look back and say, "Yes, God provides."

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You want to be a disciple?  Pick up your cross, because this world will hate you for following the one who is trying, through us, to dismantle inequality. 
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Sermon for July 13, 2014
God called Abraham into a new way of being, into a new relationship, and promised him land and children.